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Canon and Epson, which is better?

Canon and Epson, which is better? - Today the printer is one of the most widely used electronic devices in jobs, especially in the office world. One of the most famous printer brands is Canon and Epson.

Canon VS Epson

You are certainly very familiar with these two best printer brands, Canon and Epson. Not only in terms of features and specifications, but these two brands also compete in terms of price to win the hearts of their consumers.

Lots of users are confused about owning a Canon or Epson branded printer, because the difference between the two is almost balanced. Therefore, in this article you can find the advantages and disadvantages of the two printer brands. So you can choose the printer to your liking.

1. Canon

Advantages of Canon Printers

In terms of price, Canon printers are more favored than Epson. Canon printer prices are relatively cheaper than its competitors even though the specifications of the printer are the same. So if you have a limited budget, then Canon printers are the best choice.

Canon vs Epson

In addition to the lower price of the printer, another advantage that makes Canon a choice is in terms of quality, where Canon printers have a very high print efficiency. So if you need a printer that can shorten the work of printing in the office, then the Canon printer can be an option for you.

Disadvantages of Canon Printers

In terms of color printing, Canon printers are still not a recommendation for color printing in large numbers. so the canon printer is less suitable for those of you who want to print photos. Although Canon printer components are claimed to be more durable, many users claim that the Canon head is less durable.

2. Epson

Advantages of Epson Printers

If color printing and photo printing are the weaknesses of Canon printers, this is the advantage of Epson printers. The printout of photos or colors from Epson printers is very natural, sharp and bright so it is suitable for those of you who have a profession photographer, photo studio, or printing business.

Canon vs Epson

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Epson is also claimed to have a more durable cartridge head. where Epson printers use micropoizo. Head of this type is only used by Epson products only.

Disadvantages of Canon Printers

But in terms of print speed Epson printers are still inferior to Canon printers, the ratio of both between Epson printers and Canon printers reaches 1: 3. And also see the print quality of Epson printers that are high turns out to have an impact on the use of ink to be wasteful.

Also in terms of price, Epson printers also have very expensive prices compared to Canon printers although the specifications are almost the same.


From the results of the review above, if you want to have a cheaper printer and also a high print speed, then a Canon printer can be the best choice for you. But if you want to have a printer with high print quality especially for color and photo printing, then the Epson printer is perfect for you.

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