Sunday, January 12, 2020

Printer not responding? This is the way to overcome it

When we want to use a printer, we should simply connect the printer with a PC / Laptop device and the printer is ready to use for printing. But sometimes there are some problems that occur in printere so that the printer can not respond to print commands. There are several factors that occur, such as software errors, and hardware.

For this reason, it could be because your printer is working for a long time or even because your printer has been stored for too long without you using it. But for printer solutions that cannot respond, here I will share tips and solutions:

1. Unplug and Reinstall the USB Printer Cable

For the solution, you can do this technique. Please unplug and re-plug the USB cable that connects your printer and PC / Laptop. It is intended that the operating system set up by your printer can recognize your printer again and be able to recompile print commands that are running.

2. Reinstall Printer Driver

This is a common cause if your printer cannot respond to print commands. It is possible that your printer driver has been outdated or was deleted by you by accident. For a very easy solution, please get the printer driver "here". Don't forget to choose the operating system for your device.

3. Reset Printer

I often do this myself when my printer cannot respond to printing commands on Epson and Canon printers. Resetting the printer can restore the system to normal so that errors will disappear. For how to reset, each printer is different, but you can see how in the manual or see the following tutorial: How to Repair a Canon Printer

4. Select the appropriate driver when printing

This is a very trivial thing, not only you but I also often experience it. When you create a document on the office microsof and want to print maybe you are not focused on the type of printer driver you chose when printing.

Though Microsoft Office often returns the settings to deflaut, this happens when you finish the installation. So the solution, please look again whether the printer driver that you choose matches your printer type.

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