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How To Download And Install Canon Printer Drivers

How To Download And Install Canon Printer Drivers - Canon is a very well-known brand and quite popular with users. Canon has a variety of digital products such as cameras, lenses, infocus, calculators, scanners, printers and much more. But one of the most popular products from Canon is the camera and printer.

Canon printers are very popular with users. Even Canon printers have users all over the world. Having high specifications, good durability, and affordable prices, makes Canon printers very attractive to users.

Canon printers have various types, ranging from single print, multifunction, and also monochrome. Canon printers are also available for various classes such as for personal, student, and even for large office needs.

Canon printers have very good durability, even many users who give good reviews for these printers. No wonder, if the Canon printer is ranked as the 2nd most popular with Epson with the best printer category.

If you are a Canon printer user, to connect a Canon printer with a PC / Laptop device you need a driver. Driver is software that helps connect PC / Laptop devices with Canon printers so that print commands can be carried out.

If you just bought a Canon printer, then the driver CD is available in the box that you can use to connect your printer. But if you use a laptop that does not have a CD-ROM, then you must use someone else's laptop to transfer the driver to your device.

Actually there is another easier way you can do is to download the driver manually at the Canon printer driver provider site.

How to Download Canon Printer Drivers

1. To download the Canon printer driver, you can visit the Canon Official website, or can download quickly and easily on this site (
2. Please click the search icon, then type your Canon printer type.

3. Next, open and scroll down until you find the driver download table.

4. Please select the driver you want and that is suitable for your device's operating system.

How to Install the Canon Printer Driver

After you download the driver, the next step is to install the driver so that you can use your Canon printer.

  • First of all, make sure that your PC / laptop device is connected to your Canon printer. To connect it, you can use a USB cable.
  • Next, open the download folder, and look for the printer driver file that you downloaded earlier.
  • And run the driver extension.
  • Then follow the steps for the driver installation that appears on the screen, follow until the installation process is successful.
  • If you have successfully installed the Canon printer driver, please try to use your printer by printing one of the documents to see whether the print command was successful.

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