Wednesday, January 8, 2020

How to Repair a Canon Printer (Blinking Light)

How to Repair a Canon Printer (Blinking Light) - Canon printer is a favorite printer that is the most widely used by people at this time, in addition to having a very cheap price, this printer also has a very good durability and easy to maintain. This printer belongs to the type of printer most commonly used by users. If you are a loyal user of Canon printers, of course you are familiar with the problems with this printer and how to overcome them.

Common problems that occur in Canon printers are Not Responding, printer ink that does not come out, and the indicator light that continues to blink. The flashing lights on this Canon printer indicate mild to severe abnormalities. and here is how to fix a Canon printer when the indicator lights continue to flash.

1. The indicator flashes when the printer is turned on.

For this problem, it usually happens when your previous printer turns off suddenly. For example when your printer is cut off electric power suddenly. If your printer's indicator lights continue to blink when just turned on, follow the steps below:
  • First unplug the power cable on your printer.
  • Press the power button on your printer, able to replace the Power cable.
  • Because of this treatment, the power indicator on your printer will turn yellow.
  • Then release the power button that you press when you finish installing the power switch.
  • And to restart your printer, press the power button on your printer again.

2. The blinking indicator is related to ink.

The indicator on the Canon printer sometimes flashes when you have just filled ink. Or it could be when your printer has run out of ink. If your printer is flashing because of ink, of course not because it is damaged. Because the printer will automatically provide information if you have problems with ink. If you experience this, the following steps to overcome the indicator that blinks due to ink:
  • If the indicator blinks, you can press "Resume", about 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Then open the lid of your Canon printer cover.
  • Remove the cartridge, then put it back.
  • Then turn off your printer first, then turn it back on. Then your printer will be back to normal.

3. The indicator blinks 7 times.

If your printer's indicator blinks 7 times with the alternation of orange and green, that means your Ink Pad is full. How to fix this is by cleaning the ink absorber at the bottom of the printer. But if you don't clean it, you can replace the foam.

4. The indicator blinks 6 times.

The printer blinks 5 times in orange and 1 time in green, this indicates that the black cartridge in your printer is damaged. The way to overcome them is by checking back the black cartridge is really in a damaged condition. If the cartridge is damaged, then the solution is to replace the printer cartridge so you can use your printer again.

5. The indicator blinks 5 times.

If your printer indicator blinks 4 times in orange and 1 time in green, the error lies in full waste ink. The solution is to reset your printer like step number 2 above. This is just a warning from the printer to tell you to check the state of the ink, whether it is in full or has run out.

6. The indicator blinks 4 times.

If the indicator on your printer blinks 3 times in orange and 1 time in green, it means that there is damage to your printer hardware. If by resetting your printer using the "resume" button does not solve it, then the solution is you have to bring your printer to the service center.

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