Friday, January 10, 2020

5 Ways to Deal With Troubled Printers

5 Ways to Deal With Troubled Printers - The printer is a very important need now. Whether it's for offices, students, even for personal use. By using priter we can print various kinds of documents in a short time. But careless use can cause your printer to be damaged.

Therefore, in order for your printer to be maintained and durable, you must be good at caring for the printer and be able to recognize damage that might occur. The following are some of the problems that often occur in printers.

1. The printer paper is stuck

When your printer is operating, the possibility of paper getting stuck while printing is quite large and this can happen for a variety of things. But if you experience it, the first method you have to do is turn off the printer and unplug the printer cable. Next, pull out the paper that gets stuck slowly from the location where the paper is inserted. And don't forget to see if a piece of paper is stuck.

2. The printout is blank

There are many things that cause why your printer gives a blank print, one of which is when you forget to pull a refill sticker that is usually stuck under the cartridge. Therefore, before printing, make sure you remove the stker refill and do not forget to make sure your printer ink is full.

3. Striped printer output

When the printouts from your printer have started to be streaked or have printed colors that are not clear, it does not mean that your cartridge has a problem. This might happen when you use your printer for a long time. Please turn off your printer, rest your printer about 5 to 10 minutes. Then you use it again.

4. Color and print quality is reduced

If the problem you are experiencing is related to the fading color quality, then that is generally because you are out of ink. If you experience it, immediately refill your printer ink. Because if you continue to force the printer to print while the ink has run out, this will cause your printer to experience cartridge damage later.

5. Printer driver is missing

If your printer suddenly doesn't connect to your PC / Laptop device or suddenly you accidentally delete the printer driver on your laptop, you don't need to worry about that. Because you can download the printer driver on each official website. Please visit the driver provider site, then find the driver according to your printer type and do not forget to pay attention to the operating system that matches your Laptop device.

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