Tuesday, November 19, 2019

How to Charge Canon PIXMA iP2770 Printer Ink

How to Charge Canon PIXMA iP2770 Printer Ink - To refill Canon PIXMA iP2770 printer ink requires more accuracy, because it is different from the latest types of printers where ink filling is simpler and easier. To replace the Canon PIXMA iP2770 printer ink, you have to deal directly with the printer cartridge, this will be difficult if you have never opened a printer cartridge before.

Canon PIXMA iP2770 printer uses InkJet type ink and how to fill the ink that has run out, you have to open the printer casing first, then take the cartridge for you to inject ink at a predetermined point. And There are two types of cartridges in the Canon PIXMA iP2770 printer, namely "Black" with one injection point and "Color" with no injection point.

Equipment that must be provided
  • Refill ink to be filled
  • Needle to punch a printer cartridge
  • Tissue or cloth to clean the cartridge that has been refilled

How to Charge Canon PIXMA iP2770 Printer Ink
  • First, turn on the printer and wait until the indicator light does not blink again.
  • Then close the casing and then remove the printer cartridge by pressing down slowly.
  • Discard the label paper attached to the top of the cartridge, see the injection point above the cartridge.
  • Be careful with the yellow chip at the bottom of the cartridge, do not touch or touch your hands.
  • Use the needle provided when you buy ink to punch the cartridge.
  • inject ink slowly, don't overdo it because it will cause ink to flood.
  • When finished, close the hole with the hole in the hole.
  • reattach the cartridge to your printer slowly.
  • And leave the Printer Case and wait for a while until the new cartridge is finished scanning.

For more details, you can see the tutorial video How to Charge Canon PIXMA iP2770 Printer Ink below:

To fill ink on a Canon PIXMA iP2770 printer is not difficult, but you only need accuracy so that when injecting ink into the cartridge will not damage the cartridge.

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